Kunta van ‘t Maroyke

You heard about the Bernervirus. We do.
First we had one, then two and yup, here is our third one.
Yet again we have given a sweet, cute puppy a new home. And her name is Kunta van Maroyke.
She’s naturally beautiful, really smart and sweet. But that’s what everybody tells about their pups, right? My pup is the best.

Also with Kunta we hoped to have cute puppies. So we checked everything that is needed.
We did the HD en ED scans.
Twice she got the 2
nd place on the competitions and she has been approved by Saint Hubertus, which is the official organization which gives you the permission of breeding.

Two weeks ago she had her first nest of 4 puppies. Be sure to check them out under ‘photos’


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