Haiko van ‘t Pachthof

In the summer of 2008 my husband and kids had a surprise for my birthday.
I could choose a puppy so that in the end I still could fulfill my dream of breeding with my dogs.
After searching around we found Haiko van’t Pachthof. Born the 9
th of July 2008.
She is super enthusiastic, always happy, sometimes a rebel and her favorite hobby is eating.
She’s really healthy and has a perfect skin. So far so good.
When she was 8 months she participated in a competition and she got the certificate of ‘promising’

A few competitions later and after the checkup from the examiner we did a checkup of her hips when she was 18 months. As well positive.

So… Then was the moment to search a he-dog to make  those sweet puppies everybody loves.
And then after 9 weeks we have some gorgeous puppies with the same character as Haiko herself.


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